July 2nd, 2006

Warth: tora

Just a little creation

Hey~! I'm new here and thus this is my first post *twirls* I just recently made kanjani8 icon (that moves! yay!) using little clips from their Heavenly Psycho performance on their excite DVD~anyways getting to the point...I just thought I'd share it with you all ^__^ hope you like it! Crediting isn't necessary~just using the icon is enough for me XD

here's the link to the image:
drink - blood splatter

[Engl Subbed] 06.06.25 Kanjani8 on Domoto Kyoudai

This is the hardsubbed english version for K8's appearance on Domoto Kyoudai last sunday =)

To do this was a special request from our K8 translator (ichigohime) so please give her much love and thanx for all her hard work ♥

Hope you like it!! K8 were so funny on this =DDD

Clubbox: 639mb

gomen it's only clubbox because my upload speed is very slow =( soon we hope to get some distro ppl to join the team ^__^

+credit HesF Fansubs

feel free to share it anywhere except YouTube =)