September 22nd, 2006

honey&clover 〖canvas〗

Baru's day! (:

Spreading some Subaru rabu on his special day..
Basically 9 random performances of Subaru's.

8 Ji Da J - Subaru ft. Takki Tsubasa & Kansai Johnnys - I Believe In Myself
Music Enta - Subaru ft. FIVE - Natsu Matsuri
Music Enta - Subaru ft. Toma & Yamapi - MERMAID (GLAY)
Music Jump - Subaru ft. Johnny's Jr. - Sayonara
Pop Jam - Subaru ft. KAT-TUN - HEAVEN'S DRIVE & Gattsu Daze!!
SC - Subaru ft. Yamapi Kame Toma & HaseJun - Shelter
SC - Subaru ft. FIVE - Window
SC - Subaru ft. Yokoyama & Murakami - Kanjani Ai no Medley
SC - Subaru & Kame - Tsuki no Michi/Eien

The links.
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[Translation] Why Uchi chooses Koyama

Here is a link to the translation of a very short clip.


Can someone tell me if I should keep on posting like this in the community, or do I just post to my own space and people just check it?  I'm really new to Live Journal so if someone can tell me which way is better (A: update a new entry in the community and add a link to my space to it, or B: just update it on my own space), please let me know!  Thanks!