September 27th, 2006

oh? tell me more

[translation] spirits!! member introduction

Well, I'm more or less new to this place, although I've been lurking for a while. And I was inspired by the recent works by paaaaan, and decided to contribute as well. That, and I watch this clip entirely too much anyway, so I figured I'd make some good use out of it. xD

I've translated the member introduction segment at the very beginning of the Spirits!! Concert DVD. It's a bit of a picspam as well.

I'm sorry if it's a repeat, but hey. Picspam is fun at least, right? xD

Anyway! Without further ado...

[bleach] death returns

song titles?

Does anyone know the song title to the song after 'Do you Agree?' in Heat Up! DVD? I know they performed this song in Excite also... but I don't know what it's called and I really like it :P And also the title to the song Yasu, Ohkura, and Maruyama sang in Spirits together?

Any help would be appreciated :D
oh? tell me more

translation requests

Hello! Since someone asked about requests after I translated the member introduction on the Spirits!! concert, I've decided to make a post for people to request translations as well.

I hope this is okay. I might not be as fast as paaaaan, but I could use the practice. :D

Oh, my name's Jaime, by the way. I totally forgot that in my first post.

Anyway, click here to hop over to the requests post.