October 20th, 2006

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SINCE YOU ALL LOVE ME BY NOW. (well you should.)

[honjani]20061018-180-Athletics (and Obachans)

I'm coming with the very shiny latest Honjani.

It's rmvb = not so good. But, no complaining~ STILL VERY CLEAR AND SHINY.
It's athletics and the first Osaka Obachans time~

Since my internet sucked and stopped the uploading of the file over ten times, I split it in 4 40 mb parts, and hey I got it up this year!
Also, if you share it around, I don't mind usually if you don't credit. But I had to find it on a chinese forum and ask them to send the damned mo link to me and then wait for it to work = pain in the ass. So, credit plox~

Found HERE~        Sendspace link can be found in:
[info]kyotoroxies lj, prease thank her too! *sparkles*

Credit: Baidu