November 29th, 2006

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Smoke and Mirrors

Title : Smoke and Mirrors Chapter 4
Author : ashkt
Genre : Fluffy smut for this chap
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Rating : Strictly NC-17
Summary : Ryo takes Uchi back to his apartment after their misunderstanding is resolved and erm..Ryo proceeds to have his way with Uchi. XD
A/N : Hmm....pls dun call this a Pwp. I'll like to think there's an actual plot to it. Haha, I'm sorry for updating so fast. Blame it on Ryo and Uchi. Comments are ♥. No comments make me emo and I wun write smut anymore. Thanks for reading.

Uchi was luxuriating in the feel of the sponge against his skin when he felt Ryo’s hand sliding down the inside of his thigh in a devastating caress. His eyes shot open in panic and he tried to sit up straight but Ryo’s hand around his waist stopped him.

~Self Introduction and Upload~

Heyhey everyone!!!
I've been surfing this community for about a week now and today I finally sat down and started writing in my own LJ.....So I just came to say hi!!!!
So...hi!!! :P, I'm Lucy, nice to meet everyone here! (I can't believe I've been missing out on this K8 heaven till now ! :P)

just like everyone, I've been looking for the Jitensha Shounenki SP but to no avail (actually I did find it on a forum but I don't have an ID and the registration was locked ><)
However I did manage to find the 24 min Promotion thing they had with Maru and Yasu....and my oh my it was defenitely worth me getting so frustrated with dling that I wanted to smash my laptop monitor...><
so anyways I split it up into 3 parts so you'll have to join them with HJ split. (it's about 350 MB)

Sendspace links in my LJ