December 4th, 2006

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Ryo, Uchi & The Japanese Safety Man

Title : Ryo, Uchi & The Japanese Safety Man
Author : ashkt
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : One-Shot. Meaningless smut with a bit of crack (and when I say meaningless, I mean it)
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Check Genre. Ryo is freaked out by the JSM and Uchi takes advantage. Inspired by episode of SukaJ 21/11.
A/N : This one is for oldricecooker who put this idea into my head. But sadly I don't have her humour T_T so this degenerates into meaningless smut. uke!Ryo & seme!Uchi is soo not me tho..*lol* I'm too used to Ryo being domineering and everything. Prease to not ask me why Uchi suddenly develops a brain...common logic does not apply when reading this. XP

I hereby refuse to put anything here.
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K8 Food Fiesta (old clip)

wassup everyone..kombawa!!

im here wit an old clip to share..i said old bcoz bcoz uchi is with them,aww i miss him!!for anyone who haven seen this b4 like me (*boo...*)..gome ne im slow ^

hope everyone wil like this!! n hopefully i can find other clips to share wit u guys..

till then enjoy these caps:


EDIT 12072006:

comments if snagging ^____________^..comments = love
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Silence all these Years

Title : Silence all these Years
Author : ashkt
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : Drama, angst
Rating : PG
Summary : Childhood of Ryo & Uchi. Uchi was the only son while Ryo was the orphan who was taken in. Ryo and Uchi grew up as playmates but the difference in their status will eventually tear them apart.
A/N : Supposed to be resting but instead found myself writing crap. Great. I can't sleep for the whole day right? This is written to Ayu's "Jewel". Comments are lovely. Thanks to oldricecooker who gave me the webbie full of angsty, tortured fics featuring Ryo. It made me wanna write something ♥.

Uchi didn’t have to know that in all the things that mattered, he was his first. The first person to break the defences of his heart, the first to affect him with a mere kiss and the first person he wanted to protect with his life.