December 12th, 2006

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Threshold of Fear

Title : Threshold of Fear
Author : ashkt
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre: Dark, twisted smut + mindfuck + deep psychotic shite
Rating : NC-17
Summary : This is supposed to be the sequel to the one-shot so well, one-shot is no longer one-shot. Ryo finally forces Uchi to the brink where there is nowhere to run. If you thought the previous was twisted, you haven read this one yet.
A/N : Ok, I'm stupid but I loove this story so much, even if everyone hates it. I dunnoe why, but I suspect this might be the deepest I've ever tried to delve into a character in a JE fic. And I'm happy. Anyway lyrics are from The Calling "If Only"So comments are ♥ and this is for oldricecooker and all the others who liked the previous. Treat it as an early xmas gift yoo~

First chapter

Either way was death and somehow in Ryo’s arms, he suspected there waited a destiny worse than death.

[ICONS] Kanfuu Fighting!

● Textless icons are not bases UNLESS stated.

ok if there's one thing i totally HATE about .mpg videos is that VLC makes shitty caps out of them and my virtual dub won't open it so I can't make moving icons URGH *CUT CUT CUT CUT* anyways. here you go. KANFUU FIGHTING ICONS!

thirty kanfuu fighting pv

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dragons take flight. )