December 13th, 2006

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[fic] stroke and repeat

Title: Stroke and Repeat
Author: secret_base
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, possibly comedy?
Pairing: Ryo/? (Hint: It's not Ryo/Uchi)
Disclaimer: If I owned them, this wouldn't be fiction.
Summary: Because an appreciation of tactical senses sometimes needs to be indulged in.
Author's Note: First K8 fic! Yeah, I should be studying. But whatever. Spur of the moment as well, so probably not the most exciting thing ever.

Repeat as needed.
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[RESQUEST] PV's Kanjani8

I am looking for the PV's of Kanjani8 in high quality, if they can help me would thank for much.
In addition if they have some version with the letter to the song in the video would me make happier.
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Ayu and Tat on X-mas

[FIC] Love in the Snow

Title : Love in the Snow
Author : neitoperhonen
Pairing : Ohkura/Yasuda
Genre :Fluff and more fluff, drabble
Rating : PG, maybe if you squint hard PG-13
Summary : Just a nice romantic evening on the 3rd anniversary day
Disclaimer: Don't own the boys now or ever
A/N: I was craving OhYass fluff and couldn't find anything new so I decided to write one

Love in the Snow

Comments make me happy n__n
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Smoke and Mirrors

Title : Smoke & Mirrors Epilogue
Author : ashkt
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : Drama and a lil fluff
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Well...Ryo & Uchi are destined to be together and I decided they had enough angst so it's a happy, fluffy ending.
A/N : Hmmm...I actually intended to write a lot more, but I'm a procrastinator so that's the end. And I'll rather have both of them being happy rather than pile on more shite on them. Thank u to everyone who haf commented on this fic bcos your comments meant alot to me. ♥ And the uber-cheesy quote from the end is from One Tree Hill....cos I do wish Ryo and Uchi happiness

Uchi lying willingly in his arms, for now this was more than enough.
kame - losing focus


Well I know awesome iconists have already posted BEAUTIFUL graphics from the PV, but hope you don't mind taking a look at my batch too XDD

x 50 Kanjani8 - Kanfuu Fighting PV

x comment and credit if take, please
x no editing!
x enjoy~
x resources

Would you like animated icons from the video? If so, please tell me (and share an .avi version of the PV because VirtualDub doesn't wanna play my .mpg format ;____;)

moerooo kanfuu-u fightiiiing~!