December 15th, 2006

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Hello there! 

It's shinn again xD Anywho, I've uploaded the Kanfuu Fighting performance showed in this week's Honjani =] 
I have to say it's one of the best yet xD Tacchon and Hina were fighting for the camera xDDD 
Ryochan's voice is really raspy, but he was uberly cute xD 

Anywho, download here


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[sharing] ripped songs from Kanjani 8's Heat Up! Concert

I ripped some songs from Kanajni8's Heat Up! Concert and post here to share with you all...^^...

There are 38 songs in total and I zipped all together for easy download. For the Medley song, I also ripped it separately (That's why so many songs...^^...)...dl and you will see.

File name: Heat Up!.zip
File Size: 103MB
Format: mp3
Download method: sendspace
Credits: ME!!! hehehe
Expiry date: no expire, i think. as long as people keep dl it....^^...
Comments: Please! Pease!Please! Please comment when you take. Also, if you take these and share somewhere, let me know. I wanna go and see how people feel about my works...^^....

I hide the link, that means you have to write sth first. However, please come back and comment again too...^^ that i will be happy to share more works in the future.

(sorry for such a long post...^^...)

PS. Cross post many places...^^...
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