December 16th, 2006

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  • ashkt

City of Devils

Title: City of Devils
Author : ashkt
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : Dark, twisted angst and smut. One-Shot.
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Setting is pretty ambiguous, prob 1800s in Victorian England. Haha, oh look at my whanked-up imagination taking me places. Anyway Ryo is the constable looking for the murderer terrorising the streets and he never realised that it came in the form of Uchi Hiroki.
A/N : Pretty much inspired by one of Anne Stuart's books called "Break the Night" about Jack the Ripper and Yellowcard's "City of Devils". Oh well, it's another weird weird story from me so be prepared yah? Dun tell me I din warn u. When it comes to RyoUchi, my mind seems to think anything is possible. Comments would be much ♥ since I dunnoe how many more twisted stories u guys can take from me. XDD

If he was the devil incarnate, then that man was the archetypal angel, determined to bring him forward for judgment.