December 24th, 2006

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X-POSTING TIME :D sinceiownyouallyou'llallowit,neee?~ *murdered*

Title: Window
Author: Cattness
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, angst and (w)angst
Pairings: Hina/Subaru, Implied OhYass
Disclaimer: If I owned them, they would be making gei porn movies. And they're not... What we know of at least :D
Summary: When you no longer know who you are, do you just try to find yourself again? Or do you change? Shingo isn't Shingo anymore. Then what is he? Window.
Geiauthornotes: iowniownoooownliketotallypwnzownsooownzznwohgalshg I blame this on the awesomeness that is K8fic-fandom. And because my Hun > you. And there isn't enought depressed!Shingo fics out there. AND I am not the best writer and my self-esteem when it comes to fics is like zeeeroooo.  BUTISTILLOWN But "OMGYOUSAWKHOAR" > no commentos at all. = COMMENT :( *sluts* :D COMMENTORDAI

Window frames with a bit of care looks perfect, flawless. But that doesn't mean they're not rotten underneath.


oh? tell me more

[translation] junior theatre ~the three santas~

Hello everyone! I've come bearing gifts. Or, you know, one measley gift.

This is a clip from Shounen Club 12/14/03. It's old, I know, and it stars 3 Baka (Yoko, Hina, Subaru). But it's Christmas-themed and pretty funny, so. I've even provided download links this time in addition to translation!

So, yes. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Clickity click for downloads and translation!