December 30th, 2006

blue lena

looking for an episode

hey everyone, i have a quick question. I'm looking for the kanjani show where yasu, uchi,ryo, and tacchon went to a place where old ladies taught english and dance at the same time and yasu refused almost to join in and then left with uchi. i don't think i need it uploaded, i'm pretty sure i can find it on my own, i just need someone to tell me what show/episode it was. thanks!!!

Maru is pwn and peace

[Fic] Sexy - NC-17 - Ohkura/Yasuda

Title: Sexy
Author: Sam
Rating: NC-17 - for sex. Yum? 
Genre: Angst and sex. Again. 
Fandom: JE, 関ジャニ∞ , Ohkura Tadayoshi/Yasuda Shota
Summary: Ohkura really wasn't into cute things. He was into things that were long and things that were lean an things that were fake, fake enough to make him forget.
A/N: The second (and last) part of the adjectives. This one is Ohkura-centric and is paired with Cute. There is mentionings of het in here, it's not NC-17 or anything, but if it's a turn-off, don't read. 

Comments are wonderful. Also, nitpicks and mistake finding and lit crit are super duper. ♥

It was, in truth, only the first one that month.