December 31st, 2006

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More on Uchi

This morning there were a few more articles on the NewS situation.

This Sanspo article basically says that "trainee" is BELOW the Johnny's Junior level. There will be no public appearance but just practice after practice, lesson after lesson. This is the first time members from a popular group was taken down all the way to the "trainee" level. So this "new" NewS will be just the six of them. No Uchi, no Kusano.

The thing that shocked me was at the end of the article, it said "Boy A (they didn't write the name) also belongs to the group Kanjani8, so this decision (to put Uchi down to "trainee") means that Kanjani8 will move on with the seven members."

Now the thing I don't get here is, does this mean that if Uchi works his butt off at this "trainee" position, he could probably be back with K8, or will it never happen??? I think this is too harsh of a punishment. I mean, yeah, he's been away from action for more than a year, but... It clearly said that Uchi and Kusano are out of NewS, but it didn't really clarify for Uchi's part on K8.

Ohhh dear...

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In the Name of

Title : In the Name of
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi (Ryo-centric)
Genre : Drabble. Angst, drama
Rating : PG
Summary : Love follows him like a shadow through eternity, through lifetime and through death.
A/N : I'm feeling a little emo and since I seek solace in fic-writing, you get a pretty senseless and mangled-up drabble that tries too hard to be deep. Comments are appreciated like always.

It was okay with him if his whole life was toyed with for amusement


Title: Knowing
Genre: Angst. Hopeful.
Pairing: Hinted Ryo/Uchi. General Kanjani8.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this fic. ...Why not?
Author’s Notes: Because everyone else is writing angst fanfics about Uchi coming back, so I decided to join the party. :D Though I must say that my angst is not as good as everyone else's. *sulks* It only has the same basic idea you know? Angst. Uchi. Angst. Angst. D:

( A smile that never reached his eyes. But they wouldn't know. )

translation request

erm i was wondering if anyone has the translation of sukaJ (2006.09.06) where this female love doctor did a test on them. the translation for the part when each of them enter a small corner behind the curtain. i would appraciate it alot!! THANKS!!