January 6th, 2007

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Hello!! i am a new member here
and i have a request!!! Please and thank you!!
Would anybody happen to have this video? It's sooo cute!


They're more picture from that user but i'm sure some of you would want it too! I'm sure it's about kanjani8 visiting the school and making the kids happy!! So cute ^_^ Please! I'll appreciate each and one of you for your help!! Thank you ^_^
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Magazine Scan!

I don't remember seeing these scans. It's of Subaru in the Nov. 2006 issue of BiDaN. I know there were scans of Ohkura when was in BiDaN, but I don't recall seeing Subaru scans. But anyway, here they are.

clicky here

This is my first time scanning anything, so they might not be great, but I think they're pretty good. ^_^;