January 11th, 2007

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Stuff on Uchi

NewS held a press conference yesterday saying that they're gonna have a fresh start with the six members.  I will summarize what I've read on the newspaper articles:

- They still keep in touch with Uchi and Kusano by email and phone.
- The NewS members kept on going to the JE office to ask them to forgive Uchi and Kusano. Usually, JE just fires misbehaving kids but bringing them back to even a "trainee" status has never happened before.
- NewS members were asked what they thought of about the "retired" members, but they kept saying things like "they are our friends" and they "hope to someday be on the same stage with them again." Now, if you think about it, if JE has no plans bringing them back to their groups, they would have not allowed them to say these things.
- Ryo hasn't seen Uchi since the incident, but they've been calling. He recently called him to tell him to catch up with them soon and to go eat together on the night of his first day of work.
- NewS will have a new song coming out titled "Hoshi wo mezashite (=aiming for the stars)" and also have a tour coming up in the spring.

Personally, I would like to hear something from K8's side as well since Uchi is also a member of K8. If NewS went to the office to ask for forgivingness, you would think K8 would have done that as well, if not, even more. I understand that they want to keep K8 out of this as much as possible (since Uchi's incident happened while he was working as NewS) but they could say something!!!!

In this morning's Narutomo, they talked about K8 a lot and that show basically loves them, hahah. They picked up a few magazine articles about them and talked about how they had a tough time during their younger days and they're still so humble and work so hard and that they are such a tight group. Komai-san (the reporter) kept on saying that each individual has unique personalities and that not one could leave, otherwise it wouldn't be K8. They also showed a little bit of behind-the-scenes footage from the countdown live. Shota, Ohkura said "Happy New Year!" to the camera and Subaru just stood still with his face right in the camera for a good ten seconds or so, haha, and Yoko walked by saying "Happy New Year! I'm Yokoyama Yu!" and Maru finished up by saying paaaaaaaaan!!

Old Radio Uploads

I found so many Kanjani8 radio shows in kj8er clubbox. ^_^ There's more than 400 of them so far! It's so hard to find radios so I was so excited when I saw these! Obviously I can't download them all, but I wanted to download some of the older ones with Uchi in them since I've never heard him in a radio show before. And then I just randomly downloaded some more with other members in them. So far I've tried downloading mostly Kikujani∞, but they have Recomen, Kanjani Tsushin and many others from when the guys go guest on other radio shows.

Anyway, please spread the word about this clubbox because the more people who are downloading, the faster our downloads will go! I've uploaded the ones I've downloaded.

I've added a couple more uploads.

( Kanjani8 radios here! )