January 15th, 2007

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Icon spree caused by Psycho!Ryo

I've been on an icon spree lately and I think I must have been on crack or something when I made these icons. Evidently I have too much time on my hands. Either that or I'm trying to curse Johnny Kitagawa to his death. Anyway spazzing is ♥ while flaming is not. I love K8, I just have a weird way of showing it.

[x] 23 of Kanjani8 icons. (16 are Ryo's)

Comments would be nice and please credit.

Psycho!Ryo in all his glory
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Screencap Help!

I only have movie maker to take screencaps and wondered if someone could help me with caps of the Johnny's Countdown?

Collapse )

I'm not sure what to offer as a bribe, but if you can help I'll gladly upload something for you or write a fic-request!