February 1st, 2007

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[MV] Johnny Jr - Can do Can go!

Hi Minna..  I found this file and upload for you all.^ ^  This clip took from last part of Shinjuku Boys Detective Movie which starring by Aiba Masaki, Jun Matsumoto and Yokoyama Yu.

[Clip]Johnny Jr. in hawaii - Can do Can go!

Collapse )

P.S I don't mind if you took this link to post in other community.Please tell me before.

Ryo;; Kingu

[fic] Sweet Simplicity

Title: Sweet Simplicity
Author: fresie/fisshuok
Pairing: OhYass
Disclaimer: I own Ryo and that sexy piece of ass that is his! Mwahaha. *shot* Joking. -_-"
Summary: Tacchon's being a standard 'high and mighty bastard' as what Yasu likes to call him. Ryo continues to bite on Tacchon's ass about the whole situation. (Not literally!!) And Ryo gets somewhat cocky in here. Somewhat. (No, not in that smutty way or anything like that.)
Author's Note: There's a new person revealed in here. DUN DUN DUN!!! (lol, ghei-ness) I've lessened the dialogue a bit. Now it's down to like 99.4% Ahahaha. Kidding. I know I'm not that grea like other fanfic writers on here but insights and comments are greatly GREATLY loved. Thankyou now go read!

( Chapter Three; Other Greetings )
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Hello people!
I searching some picture of eito rangers...o maybe some logo-picture...
Onegai! U///U
ARIGATOU ^O^ for your attetion :D
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