February 23rd, 2007

TFW - Team Free Will

Spirits Mini-Picspam

Let me start of by saying that I think Spirits might be even sexier than Heat Up. This is most likely because I have never found Yasu sexy in the way that the 'rocking out' portion makes him. He's like a totally different person. Why is it that when you put a musical instrument in someone's hands it makes them exponentially more sexy? The world may never know.

Also... this is the first time I've ever screen capped. Apparently I have a thing for not being able to see people's eyes. I have no idea. Maybe they seem more intense/involved. Hopefully you'll like this mainly eye-free picspam of our rock star boys anyway ^_^

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Please comment if you take any... it may be a small set, but it still took ages. Turns out capping is WAY more time consuming than I thought ^_^;;