February 24th, 2007


Today is The DAY


Osaka Time

Osaka, Japan

Kyocera Dome Osaka

self made poster

1st ever DOME Concert!!!

It's Kanjani8's time to shine(although they are already uber shinny to start with... heheh) I'm super excited to see how the show will be...  Seeing how they amazing they are on stage in the past, I'm sure it'll be one heck of a show. A fun, entertaining mix of Enka, J-pop, J-rock, Dance, Humor and 7(8) gorgeous/hot boys that will leave you wanting for more... I wonder if Eito Rangers and the 7 Okans will make an appearance later,,, I really wish they will...

Too bad I cannot watch the concert but
even though I'm not going to be there personally, my heart, mind and spirit will be there with them, cheering them on...

To those who will go later... have fun you guys... please do share your experience with us if you can... and pictures and videos are highly appreciated (for I know how hard it is to get those...) just give my regards to the boys... hehehe...

Ganbare, Kanjani8!!! I belive in you guys!!!
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oh? tell me more

[translation] explosion lyrics

Since everyone seems to be going crazy over the "Explosion" performance, I decided to translate the lyrics. Which, honestly, don't have much to do with teh hotness and ripping shirts open, but oh well. xD

But yes. If you're interested in what they're singing about that makes them move so sexily, come take a peek over here.

Song request

Hi! I think this is the first time i post in the community, I've been a lurker and sometimes commenter for awhile now! xD Anyways, I've come to request a song? I've been looking for the song that Ryo and Hina sing during the Eito Rangers skit in Heat Up for awhile now, with no success...>_> think it's called Tomodachi..? Here's a Youtube link of it. I really love this song so I will be grateful if anyone can upload it or send it to me?
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I made a lot of icons lately and have finally posted them.
Hopefully they did not turn out too bad because i have no skill with the thing that is called photoshop


Arashi x 11
Hanadan x (1)5
Kanjani 8 x 18
Kat-Tun (Gokusen) x 22
NewS x 16
Oguri Shun (Hanadan) x 10
Takizawa Hideaki x 1
V6 x 5


Oh, and x-posted like woah.