February 25th, 2007

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[Fanart... no wait more like Fansing!] lol Crack

Konban One Two!!!!
Just like my entry begins... I was bored so I decided to record some songs....... it's a new facet of mine... maybe it'll only last a few more days, don't worry I'm aware of the danger of me singing...CRACK
There are the three Sankyoudai songs I've recorded so far: Mikan, Purin, Onigishi.... I think Purin is really funny, look after that ne? And I did also Ai no Katamari (Jin and Ryo's) oh... this one was special, I did two voices lol!!!

Now have fun, laugh, cry, kill me (no wait, better not), do as you want, and comments are lovely!
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IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I'm too tired to write everything so I'll just write down the song list from tonight's show. It was like a mixture of all the cons (especially the latest) that K8 has done so far and it was very well structured. It went on for exactly three hours. Eito Ranger was super long and HILARIOUS & ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. We got to see Baru's butt, too... hahaha


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I have many things to write, but I'm just too tired and I have another show tomorrow morning, so I'll stop here!!

Purin English Translations

Hi, sorry to be such a bother, but would anyone happen to have the english translation of the song Purin by KanJani8? I can only understand a few sentences/phrase due to my lack of japanese skills and I would really like to fully understand how retardly funny this song is.


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HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the 11:00 show today (25th) and they have announced the following...

- NEW SINGLE ON 4/11!!!!! title: "Zukkoke Otokomichi"
  The entire dome's first reaction was "Ehhhhhhh! (disbelief, shock, lol)" And the guys were like "Aren't you used to this (having weird titles for songs) by now!?"


- .....and...... A NATION TOUR GOING TO ALL 47 PREFECTURES IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOKKAIDO ALL THE WAY DOWN TO OKINAWA!!!!!!!!!! Including: Tokyo DOME (2 days), Osaka Jo Hall (4 days) and much much more. They are becoming huge!!

....All I can say is, WOW.

Also, during the 11:00 show, they had a press conference in the middle of the concert. So whatever you see on news shows in the next few days, it's most likely from this show :) ...which, I think, means that they will be busy with something else *tapingforanewdvd??hopefully??* for the 17:30 show!!! Unfortunately I'm not going to that (it starts in 10 minutes, haha) but I'll ask those who went if they had many cameras or not! Let's hope they do!!!


A Request....

I'm very sorry to make this post in this community... Can any K8 fan here who downloads Honjani frequently, please upload Honjani episode 11.07.2006 Hokkaido SP(B) to Sendspace for me? Megaupload just doesn't work for me at all. I need it urgently, I've been looking around for this episode in every Clubbox where I can find Honjani but no luck. Actually I had the A episode but it only has little preview of Yosakoi festival, I need the longer report of Yosakoi Festival in (B) episode so that I can show the clip as presentation for my Japanese class in school(plus I can show off the K8 boys XDDD). Anyone, help??? Onegaishimasu. Thanks a lot!