February 28th, 2007

arashi pikanchi double

song request!

Hi minna-san! Chari desu!
Anou,i was wondering if someone would upload "Onigishii" and "PGF" mp3s for me,and also "PGF" at Spirits with Ryo,Yoko and Suba .. I just love Ryo's smile in it! Kawaii~
Thanks in advance!
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Hai, hello! XD okay im new here i think o_o also new with all this Je stuff XD im trying so hard to know things! But I love K8 already ó_o

so, I dont have nothing to share .. but i made mine Lj (parasoru) layout with subaru o_o and i think it went ou SO PRETTY that i couldn't help but tell you guys XD

and im willing to make layout (at least the header) if you like it ^___^
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