March 18th, 2007

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[Magazine Article Translation] Popolo 2007.04

8D So I decided to translate the article in Popolo's April issue. More interesting things about the members :D Who's game? (If you want pictures, you can find them at Vendy's blog, Hachi~) Don't repost them anywhere else without asking me first!

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small request for a radio clip

I know I have requested this a few months ago, but I had no luck so I'm going to try again...

Does anyone have the November 18, 2006 episode of Kikujani? It's the one where Subaru and Yasu were in.

If anyone does, please let me know! Thank you!


Btw, this is a nice little thing Yoko, Hina and Tacchon said about Shota that I thought I'd share :-) This is a small part from the 3/15/07 Recomen where Tacchon came as a guest. You know how Recomen has a segment where they ask four girls a question? During that part, they asked the first two girls what type of guy they liked (the theme for that day was whether you like having a boyfriend that is popular like an idol or not)

<Girl A>
Yoko: What kind of guy do you like?
Girl A: Someone who's nice, and... someone who's kinda cute.
Tacchon: That would be Yassan (very fast reply)
Girl A: Haha... (shy laugh)
Hina: Yasu?
Girl A: Yes.
Hina: Ohh, you like Yasu.
Yoko: You like a guy like Yasu?
Girl A: Yes!
Yoko: Oh really.
Tacchon: Yassan is really cute.
Hina: Yeah, he is.
Yoko: I'll tell Yasu. I'll tell him that (Girl A's name) said she likes him.
Girl A: Haha, thank you very much!
Yoko: Yeah, leave it to me.
Hina: Hahah, yeah leave it to Yoko.

<Girl B>
Yoko: What kind of qualities do you look for in a boyfriend?
Girl B: Umm... someone who's nice and considerate.
Yoko: Who in K8 would fit that image?
Girl B: Yasuda kun.
Three: Ohhh!
Yoko: What the heck, him making such a good impression!
Three: Hahaha!
Hina: Well, he's really nice!!
Tacchon: Yeah.
Yoko: I want to make his impression go down so bad, haha.
Hina: Why do you have to think that way!
Yoko: Well, I'm jealous!
Hina: Then you should work hard to make your own impression better!
Yoko: Nah, but... seriously, Yasu's really nice.
Hina & Tacchon: Yeah.
Yoko: Seriously, I think, of all the people I've met in Japan during my life, he'd be in the Top 3 nicest people.
Tacchon: He's really nice.
Hina: Yeah, he's really nice.
Yoko: I really think that kid is a nice kid.
Hina: He could be really nice, but sometimes really weird, too.
Tacchon: Yeah.
Yoko: Yasu is a really good boy, Yasu is.
Girl B: Yeah. He's really cool.
Hina: That's nice, (Girl B's name), it's nice that you like such a good person like that.

Nice stuff, right? :-)
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Pink Uchi Day

When Uchi was young, he saw a shiny stone glistening in the sunlight "AH That must be a mystery stone!"
Young Uchi went forward to touch it in excitement and it wasn't a stone.


Ok I lied. There is no such thing as Princess Hiroki day which I don't understand because the Japanese celebrates all kinds of things. Hell, they even dedicate a day to a Scientologist Hobbit so why not? It just means I get another excuse to plague everyone with Uchi prettiness.


Song request..

My dear fellow Kansai boys Lovers... i know this was posted already but can i request if someone can up, share or tell me where i can download Butterfly I Loved... I'm so itching to hear this song of that SEXY Drummer Boy... thanks in advance.... hahaha... it was up-ed  by</b>ultramarine_nanonly seconds before i posted this request... anyways... thanks so much!!!

now i just need the vid of it... there is one right?

oh and I'm sure that most of you watched the Shounen Club Premium a while ago.. So psyched that the Dome concert was shown... and almost half of their perf of Explosion was featured and they are SOOOOO HOT.... especially Baru!! He really caught my eye a while ago... I can't really get enough of those SEXY KANSAI MEN!!! and i can't wait to watch Baru's own Shounen Club Premium for at the ending credits a pref of his was shown along with the other upcoming guests...
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