March 19th, 2007

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The Next Level

Title: The Next Level
Pairing: Yokoyama Yu/Nishikido Ryo
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:I do not own them. =/
Summary: What do you do when nothing is as it seems anymore? Do you wish for things to return to the way it once was? Do you hesitate and worry about what may happen? Or do you gain the courage and move to the next level?
Notes: Dedicated to oldricecooker who sucked me into liking Yoko/Ryo and uke!Ryo in general. :P Oh and this is my first Johnny's fic. And thanks to swtcamden for betaing. And laiksmarei for being my support. :P Yoko/Ryo, btw, needs some more love. =/ Oh and lookie, first post here. :)

"Let Yourself Go"

x-posted slightly.
ayaka 1


I was desperately looking for performance of Oosaka Obachan ROCK at Music Station dated 09/06/2006 (I'm not sure about the date, but it's the that they only sang Oosaka Obachan ROCK.. not the medley one); anyone would kindly upload it for me (>__<) preferred host: MU or YSI.

gomenasai for such annoying request m(-__-)m
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