March 22nd, 2007


Maru on TV

Maru is going to be on a show called "Tsuukai Every day" (shown in Kansai) every Tuesday. It's a morning show that's on (I believe) every day and he'll be a regular for Tuesdays. It seems like he's going to have his own little segment too! Yay!

I don't know how he's going to be able to do this once they go on the nation tour, but it's really nice to hear the boys getting jobs individually nowadays!
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Title : Diabolos Chapter 5
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : Ryo x Ohkura
Genre : I refuse to slap a label on this fic
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Psycho!Ohkura with a God Complex. Ryo the unwilling accomplice fighting a losing battle against his conscience. And their twisted relationship you can either see as self-inflicted torture or a warped kind of love.
A/N : For the amazing crux_australis whom I really thank from the bottom of my heart. The time she spent writing the comments which are probably literature reviews and how she gets into the head of the characters, dissecting their motives & their inner psyche. And for oldricecooker who was probably the first to spazz over my fanfics. I would probably say it is their comments that gave me the motivation to keep writing. And for that ILU ♥ Comments are always welcome.