March 24th, 2007

EXO-K // Kai

Popolo 2007.03 Translation ~350 Questions~

Here's another translation for ya'll 8D This time, it's the interview from Popolo's March issue~ Please don't repost these translations anywhere else without my permission! 8D Enjoy reading~

Popolo 2007.03
Our 24 hours a day - we tell you!
Private Q&A 350
Q. How many alarm clocks do you have?
Q. What's on your menu for lunch?
Q. What's your shower style?

( Are you ready? )

( Mornin', lover )

( You said FOOD? WHERE?! 8D )

( Just you and me tonight, baby )
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Bring me back to the Beginning

Title : Bring me back to the Beginning (5/?)
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : Emo Angst I guess.
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Uchi would never have been in Ryo's life if Ryo had not slammed his car into him that fateful day. No amount of apology would bring back the life he formerly had and nothing quite prepared him for liking this man who took away his chance at happiness in such a brutal, abrupt way.
A/N : Frankly I think this chapter sucked. XDDD And yeah I am lazy because this chapter is pretty short.

It had always been easier to succumb to weakness, no one had ever said it was easy to be strong. And that if he had been courageous, it had been because of Ryo.
4Ts forever!
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I'm not a newbie, but well, my first post here. I translated Ryo's latest entry coz it's funny and also translated some other stuff coz I wanted to show how Takki and Ryo are good friends<- some of my friends didn't believe me, so, here you go.

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