April 2nd, 2007


Yoko/Maru version of UFO CM

The UFO CM of Yoko/Maru was updated on Nissin's website!


They are basically fighting over who likes the nurse (the one that helped Subaru in the previous one) more, and that scary guy is saying in friendship, you gotta crack your stomachs like you crack your chopsticks... OKAY let me explain. There is a saying in Japan that goes like: "Hara (=stomach) wo Waru (=crack)" which means "no secrets, let it all out" kinda thing. "Waru" is the verb for crack, and it can also mean when you split the chopsticks apart. .......I'm sorry I'm terrible at explaining this, but the CM itself is cute! I can't wait for a Shota version!

[request]K8 mp3

hi..i'm a newbie..hope it's ok to request some of K8's songs..i wanna req for oosaka obachan rock and sukiyanen osaka mp3 with good quality (>192kbps)..or..is there any other place i can go to dl their mp3s?

Bubu ic

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I found this pics in Baidu, I though it was from Honjani and even when I don't have all of the 2006 honjanis I'm not sure which show is it from... since I haven't heard anyone talking about it ^^U
Yasu has glasses so I guess it was aroud the time of his surgery maybe? And Baru's perm hair.... Please I really wanna find this show:

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

Pleaaasseeee.... there's got to be someone who knows where this screencaps are from... a honjani? Suka-J??? narutomo??? kyaaaaa.... *desperate

[Edit] Thanks everyone for your help ^^ Downloading it now.... about Yasu's surgery for those who don't know

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Stock // black and white


Title : Perdition
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : OhYass
Genre : Twisted angst
Rating : R
Summary : Ohkura is the son and Yasuda is the one held captive by his father for his sadistic self-gratification. Two people who should never have met found each other.
A/N : One-shot. First time I'm attempting this pairing. Second time I'm writing from the first-person narrative. It's kind of weird, but anyway comments are nice. I wrote this to vent my unhappiness, which is why it is twisted & dark. But still, a story about love.