April 5th, 2007



I know that this is really short but I mean, it's Ryochan so...

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I converted and upped it myself sorry that the quality isn't as great as I want it to be. Totally cried.


So cannot wait for it to be subbed :)

I don't know who to credit it to...so whomever uploaded it originally at TuDou so TO that person, kindly tell me if you know who it is so I can credit properly.

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dicaprio : inception

"1 Litre of Tears SP" - Teaser

I found this over 8gxq.com

I'm sorry if you guys have already seen it but I'll post it anyway! It's a scene where Ryo is crying. GOD SO SAD! DDD: I bet I'm gonna cry when I watch the entire episode. ><

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/880vEUs1fu0/ (I don't know why but LJ won't let me put the video here so I'm providing the link)

And then after scrolling a little I found these links too but I'm not sure if they're the SP episode or something else. Can anybody confirm it?

Gogobox link 1
Gogobox link 2