April 6th, 2007


ミューバラ特区 07.04.06 Yoko & Okura

Sorry , I don't know about their name. Please, someone tell me what is programme name. I'm weak in Japanese.

From MuPara  Tokku (New TV-show that related with Music Paradise)

It's just a short VTR. Yoko is always cute. He talked a lot and Okura talked a bit but he smiled lovely. ^^

Credit : 8gxq

Link :
Sendspace and Mediafire

If you want to take this link, please tell me first. I'm not happy when I knew someone took my link without my permission

Ryo;; Kingu

[one shot] I Don't Love You Like I Did Yesterday

Title: I Don't Love You Like I Did Yesterday
Author: fresie/fisshuok
Pairing: Subaru x Yasu, OhYass (hints of Ryo x Uchi)
Genre: IDEK
Disclaimer: I don't own nothing!! Maybe Ryo and Uchi... Just joking :P
Author's Note: I wanted to do something different from Come What May so I made this. Also, this is my first time attempting Subaru x Yasu so bare with me if it's not that good. Enjoy the fact that Tacchon broke up Subaru and Yasu. :]]

( "Bartender! Bring us another round of Asahi beer!" )
Notti - Concert

{ Fanfic } OhYass

Title; Solace
Pairing; OhYass
Rating; PG
Genre; Fluff?
Disclaimer; If I owned OhYass.. I'd be arrested cos it's illegal to own people in my country 8D I'd be a rich old man. But I'm not. That's a good thing.. right? =X
Notes; I wanted to try to write another OhYass. Because my last one was a mindfuck spin off and as much as I love Bogeyman!Ohkura I wanted to write human!Ohkura too. So I hope I didn't mess up with them too much since I have like.. no experience with them at all >__<

He was just trying to scare you.
Warth: tora


Hello minna-san~~~
Just wanted to let everyone know My friend and I have a ROLEPLAY site and there hasn't been any sign ups for Kanjani8 so I figured "what other place is best other than here to get members" ^0^/ YAY!
anyways Of course there are limited people so first come first serve! and just to let everyone know, Ryo and Uchi are taken .__. I'm sorry~but my friend and I NEED KANJANI8 CRACKINESS!
here's the forum and thank you for everyone who decideds to sign up!
feel free to message me with any of your questions ^____^

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Bring me back to the beginning

Title : Bring me back to the Beginning (6/?)
Author : ashkt / ashesof_hope
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : Emo Angst I guess.
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Uchi would never have been in Ryo's life if Ryo had not slammed his car into him that fateful day. No amount of apology would bring back the life he formerly had and nothing quite prepared him for liking this man who took away his chance at happiness in such a brutal, abrupt way.
A/N : I didn't had the inspiration or mood to sit down and write this story and guess what. Watching a 3 minute clip of Ryo break down in tears in the short 1LoT clip suddenly made me want to write this. I guess I should be thankful. XDD Oh gad Ryo, I love u even if u looked so godamned fugly when u cry. Cos u made me want to cry too. I will be the first to admit this chapter is overdramatic. Almost like a bloody soap opera but wth. Comments are welcome.