April 7th, 2007

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[MS 070406] Zukkoke Otokomichi

ryopilover    has already kindly uploaded the 67MB version. This one is the 183MB one if u guys want it. And if you thought the costumes in the PV were hilarious, look at this one. K8----> WINNAR ♥

So sorry for the long wait

DOWNLOAD : SS 01 02 || MU 01 02

MU Links provided by ryopilover      

Credited to ooyamada cb

ETA : You got Baru being harrassed by the rest of the Eito and Yasu was practically humping him. OMIGAD. XDD I'm dying.
Ryo;; Kingu

[fic] Come What May

Title: Come What May

Pairing: Ryo x Uchi
Genre: Angst, Drama,
Disclaimer: Why do I even put on this disclaimer part? Clearly, I'm not some old man who refuses to give back Hiroki to us crazed fangirls so no. I don't own the boys. Only their fiction parents... Sadly.
Author's Note: If you don't like the fact that Hiroki was beaten by older school mates then I suggest that you don't read this because that is what happens in here. There is blood involved in here as well.. so... yeah.

( Chapter Four: The older boy lets go of him, letting him fall to the floor with a loud thud, and a faint crack. )



Sales~ Magazines/Photos etc.

Hi. Trying to sell off some Johnny's things- KAT-TUN/K8/Arashi/NEWS that I have since I'm moving. Anybody interested can visit my blog!
All of my things are older before Jin's break stuff. Magazine cutouts/pictures/Docomo pamphlets.
Some things I'm selling under the cut~

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