April 10th, 2007

Ryo;; Kingu

[one shot] Only You Can Hear It

Title: Only You Can Hear It
Author: fresie/ fisshuok
Pairing: Ryo x Uchi
Summary: He's a father, he has a wife and a son. His son is named after that someone that he misses with all his heart. An encounter, a ghostly kiss, and a romantic confession makes Hiroki break into tears.
Author's Note: I know, the summary sucks but yeah read it. Also, the song that Hiroki's son sings is called "Ni Ting De Dao" or "Only You Can Hear It." The song is by Jay Chou so yeah, listen to it and read the translate lyrics. Also, the site where I got the lyrics are here.

( Ryo-chan, be patient. Papa will come when he comes. )
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hello eighters!

i was browsing oricon and saw this:

some sort of talento ranking and Ryo is in there!  I can't understand the whole article (translation please?) but I kinda understood that HE'S THE ONLY MALE in that ranking.  Nakama Yukie is first, followed by Kuriyama Chiaki then Nakashima Mika, and some others like Shibasaki Kou.  Oh Meisa, whom I call Mercy (thanks to her character in Haikei) is one rank higher than Ryo.  So I guess this is something Ryo can be proud of.  There are also comments on how he's "so very cool/handsome".

if anyone could kindly tell what it is?  i'd be really grateful. :)


EDIT (2208 local time): ok, it's the ranking for raven-haired people. but what does the article say?