April 15th, 2007

[fic] Always Watching You

Title: Always Watching You
Pairing: Ryokura
Rating: PG-13
Genre: I don’t even know anymore.
Disclaimer: Not yet, but maybe one day...maybe not.
Summary: Chapter 7, stuff happens :p Yay for serious Yoko and ossans
A/N: Wow, chapter update. Still kind of short but it’s something. Does anyone still care about what happens? I now know the ending, somewhat. And I know this fic is officially ending at 12 chapters. Technically it will be 11 chapters with chapter 12 being the resolution/ending. Hopefully some people will still read even if you're getting frustrated with me and my random updates. Comments make me happy and write faster just to let you know.

Chapter 7: He smiled....

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 Title: Part II: The Press Conference
Author: Laura ~ Japan_qaf
Genre: Unknown
Characters: Subaru, Tackey, Tsubasa, Johnny(sometimes called Kitagawa), (Nino has a small part), Johnny, Domoto Koichi. And in general TOKYO juniors and seniors. OH and a made up guy named Mr. Tanaka(not Koki heh).
Summery: Series of Subaru’s rebellious days ^.^
Disclaimer: OK I don’t hate Tackey(at all!) nor do I hate Tsubasa.  They do not get on my nerves. And Domoto Koichi is most likely not this way, all I know is that Subaru pissed him off a lot Ha hahahahaha!
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