April 16th, 2007


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Please come here and vote for Nishikido Ryo every 12 hours and bring sexy back to TOP TEN!!!
As a bribe, I give you these files:

Sugao Concert + photoshoots (K8) + Chibi Ryo sings Paraiso with Jimmy
MentreG 20060410
Bye bye - subbed by NEWShfan
Fancam NewS winter con - Ryo - Open your eyes (Open your eyes and go vote for him!!! DD:)
Ryo - Love me tender (in Teru teru Kazoku)
Honjani 2003 - Ryo - Tomodachi
Chibi Ryo - record Kono hoshi de umarete
Music Station - Chibi Ryo (with Arashi) - Secret agent man
Chibi Ryo sings Ben

Download links and screencaps

Sorry I'm a desperate fangirl trying to bring him back to top ten so cross-posted to  kanjani8 , news_jpop and sexyosakaman!!