April 22nd, 2007


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hi, i saw someone posting skins for winamp but are there such thing as skins for MSN messenger, iTunes, or windows media player??
if so i was wondering if anyone has one of uchi-kun.

thank you!

p.s. also looking for uchi-kun wallpaper<3
Ryo;; Kingu

[fic] Come What May

Title: Come What May
Pairing: Ryo x Uchi
Genre: Death, Drama, Sad
Disclaimer: No. Stop teasing me..
Author's Note: I keep forgetting to mention this part, but like this story is being taken place during an imaginary time when America was attacking Japan. America wants more land so they decide to take over Japan. Oosaka, Tokyo, Sapporo and the other prefectures have these sirens that alarm the prefectures if something bad is going to happen (i.e: bombing, invasions, explosions, intruding jets, etc.). That's why there are sirens in here. So yeah. Just letting you know. :] Okay.. Now enjoy.

( Chapter Six: "Why me? Why my family?" Ryo whispers against Hiroki's hair. )