April 26th, 2007


Animated gifs!

I learned how to make animated gifs last night, so I made a huge batch that includes random clips from the Okan segments from honjani, as well as kanjani's recent Zukkoke Otoko Michi performance. Because it hasn't gotten old quite yet. :P

[Ryo] x 6
[kanjani8 - Zukkoke Otoko Michi] x 5
[Okan!kanjani] x 5
[Uchi foodgasming] x 1

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(I have nothing clever to say here, so just look at the gifs plz?)

EDIT: FIXED. Hopefully it'll last longer than half an hour this time. -_-
oh? tell me more

[request] shounen club premium with hina

I have a bit of a request.

I've seen the Zukkoke Otokomichi and Explosion performance from the last Shounen Club Premium episode, but does anyone actually have the talk portion with Hina? Or just the whole show itself?

I'd really like to see Hina's talk portion and whatnot, so I wanted to see if anyone had it and was willing up upload it. :D



From Jnews1:

The new programme, as we already know, will be titled "Kanjani8 no Janiben" (where "ben" stands for "benkyou", studying, not dialect).
Yesterday the starting of Kanjani8's new programme was announced officially by Kansai TV. It will, as predicted, follow the end of "Honjani!" and its content will be introducing guests who are pro's in various fields and let Eito learn their secret techniques. (a LOT like Honjani, innit? XDDD) The Kanjani Jr.s B.A.D. and BOYS will be regulars. It will start at 24:35 of Wednesday 2nd May.

Here it reports that Ryo said "We want to invite people that are very Osaka-ish. For example, Yashiki Takajin-san or Kaminuma Emiko-san" (a female singer popular in Kansai for which no English wikipedia entry exists XD). Shingo says that he has high expectation of his kouhai (the Jrs), and that the show will give them a chance to express themselves.

The first guest will be a make up artist called IKKO. Ryo says he smells nice, and he himself would like to become a celebrity who smells that nice XDDD (from here). Also, Yokocho said here that they want to invite Johnny's of their same generation.

If enough people are interested, I think I will make summaries of the show each week! It sounds interesting, and also full of action like Honjani was! ^o^

[downloads] K8 pictures folder

I'm such a bad fan. :P I'm dropping K8, or for at least temporarily.... Then I'm clearing the HD of all the K8 stuff. I'll probably be uploading a bunch of stuff that gets deleted, in case I decide to come back. :P haha. For now, hope these go to better fans than me. :Dv

So the picture folder is kind of unorganized and strangely too. :P.
ah. DLs are split up by member and year, so you can skip the stuff you're not interested in, or have a lot of already. XD
oh. Ryo and Uchi's 'NEWS maybe' are just solo shots, but I think they're part of a NEWS set? I dunno if people wanted just the K8-related and not NEWS-related....
whoops. I'm missing the official, I'm missing the TV stuff too. and the cross group. and Dream Boys. and drama... Haikei and all Ryo's. lol. failure. :P

Scans from Vendy, Hadaka, boys_paper, and various other places.
Total is 1,809 files in 123 folders, about ~1.3GB

K8 [VWest], [2002], [2003], [2004], [2005], [2006, part 2], [2007, part 2]
Ryo [1999-2007], [NEWS maybe]
Uchi [2002-2005], [NEWS maybe]
Ohkura [2004-2007]
Yoko [2003, 2005-2007]
Yassu [2003, 2005-2007]
Maru [2005-2007]
Hina [2000, 2006-2007]
Subaru [1999, 2001, 2003, 2005-2007]
pairs+trios [RyoUchi], [OhYass], [everything else]
cd: [Kanfuu Fighting, Kansha ni 8, KJ1 FTO, Oosaka Obachan Rock, Oosaka Rainy Blues, Zukko Otokomichi, Sukiyanen Oosaka]
misc booklet+good [Oosaka Dome, calendar, Excite]

hahaha... Realized I have too many random files floating around my computer....