April 27th, 2007


A couple K8 clips from Mugendai no Gimon

I decided to test out my video editing software and made a couple clips from Mugendai no Gimon episodes I have downloaded.

The first one is the infamous "spicy curry" clip that got taken off of Youtube a few weeks ago. (When I found out it got deleted, I remember I spent, like, an hour trying to find the clip on other video websites. x_x)

The second is a very short clip of Maru getting hugged and "fangirled" over by a crossdressing male comedian.

Mugendai no Gimon - Curry Clip:
[MU link] 102 MB

Mugendai no Gimon - Maru being "fangirled" over by a male comedian:
[MU link] 7.73 MB

Enjoy! ^^
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