May 6th, 2007

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Concert Goodies

Question: I was wondering if any going to a Kanjani8 show would be willing to buy me some concert goodies, if I transferred the money to you via PayPal beforehand?

I am desperate to have some of the stuff and sadly I don't know anyone who is going!

Thanks in advance ♥ ♥ ♥

[Report] Tour 2007: May 5th @13:00 Yokohama

Hi everyone! I went to the 13:00 show on May 5th in Yokohama. 

Here is the report: ENJOY!!

By the way, they just announced during one of their concerts that they are going to add Okinawa shows so September 22 will NOT be the very last show. The added shows will be on the 29th and 30th. I guess the crowd was like "ehh...." haha. Sept 22 was special in many ways (Baru's b-day, K8's nation-wide debut date, Ryo's niece or nephew's b-day, lol) so it kinda sucks that they added shows after the 22nd, but you can't help it! They're popular! Haha.

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Hi, I saw no one posted this show so I uploaded and share!!  Nice to meet you. ^_^

Kansai JR. as the guests for 週刊プラチケ!SP (sorry, I can't read this word ^^;;) They came to promote  their first concert on today!! (070506)  Congratulation ^_^  

They had a  special  quest who challenge Kansai Jr. to play game.

Do you want to know who??


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