May 15th, 2007

A Fine Frenzy

happy 22nd birthday tacchon <3!!!!

otanjoubi omedetou our lovely tacchon!

sorry don't have anything to share... but i just wanted to make a birthday post to say happy birthday as well!!! 

edit// on a funny note.... i was in a hurry today when i typed this post.... i must've lost my brain somewhere along the way cuz i just realized i put "22th" instead of "22nd"... haha~ i found that quite amusing....


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Am going to Japan this summer! May 27 ~ June 19 . 
I am going to go to the Johnny`s  shop in Tokyo and Fukoka. 
If you would like anythingto request from the Johnn`y shop I would gladly get it for you and you could buy it from me.
At the johnny`s shop there pic. Magazine, Calender, clear file , And more just request untill May 25! Thats the final cute off to request.
I do not know how much these stuff will cost so thats why am letting you request it and buy it from me.
I will buy any Johnny`s such as: News,Kanjani,Kinki kids, Johnny`s Jr, and any other johnny`s.

go to for more info
lee jinki

Happy Birthday Ohkura-san~!!

Happy Birthday
Ohkura Tadayoshi!

The green Eito Ranger!!
Celebrating May 16th 1985
i wish you the best this year!
and i hope more success comes ur way!!


おめでとう! Ohkura Tadayoshi ♥

I just want to see it Today b/c i want to b the first one to say it tomorrow but i'll be in school so i wont be able to >.< so D; ill say it Tonight!
and plus in Japan its his Birthday Today!!
celebrating May 16th 1985!

Im new Posting at this Community.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!!!!
*wants Uchi Back!*