May 16th, 2007

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[question] doko?

hi!! if this isnt allowed, the mods can delete this entry just wonderin where i can send a letter to Kanjani8.. is it the same address in Shibuya? (like the one for Arashi but i will just address my letter to Kanjani8?) is that right?

im really confused.


and Otanjoubi Omedetou to my hero, Tacchon!!

Bubu ic


Please anyone... I need some help with Ohkura pictures... 
I'm looking for those Military scans (I think they were from last year  Bidan magazine, if I'm not wrong) just a link to where to find them... please!!

A good story from the Mucha-Buri diary

Mucha-buri occasionally updates a section on their website called "Loca(tion) Diary" which writes a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff about the boys from the staff point of view. They used to do it for Suka-J, too. I wish they update it more often because it's really fun to read, but I guess they're busy too!

On the most recent one (May 14), it wrote something really nice about the boys so I will translate it here. The staff members are always impressed at the boys because they always work hard even when they're unbelievably tired.

Here goes (last part of the entire entry):

In the "dressing room" of the TV station...
Usually when we film this show, we have all the guys (K8) and staff members gather and have a little meeting before going into the studio.
...One day before filming.
As always, the guys were going over their scripts and the overall flow of the show with the Director.
After the meeting, the AD (Assistant Director) raised his voice to say, "Okay, we're on in a few!"
Usually, the guys will become very hyper after this voice but this day, they seem to be a bit quiet.
...Hmm? Are they a bit tired? ...Well, it is understandable since their 4-day concert in Yokohama had just ended.
...Now that I think about it, Nishikido's cheeks look a lot hollower than usual; Ohkura's skin is showing some fatigue; Yasuda and Shibutani were sharing Vitamins together in the dressing room; Murakami seemed to have caught a cold so the manager was making an appointment for a shot...
Hmm, are they okay? ...There was a moment of silence, but then.
"Okay, let's do this!!" The first to stand up was Murakami.
Without leaving any space,
"...Yeah, let's go!" (Maruyama)
"Yossha!" (Nishikido)
All the guys stood up at once, and
marched into the studio.
...and Murakami.
Patting on a staff member's shoulder, he said, "You gotta be spirited at times like this!!"
...I wonder if he's telling that to himself.
...Come to think of it, I've never ever heard any of the guys whine, bitch or complain that they need to rest.


Awwww, right? :-)

By the way, speaking of MuchaBuri...
In 8-meets (one of the regular columns they have on one of the TV magazines... Pia? Life? I forgot which one) they had a long interview talking about pets. One question was "What do you want as a pet?" Most of them answered toy-poodle, Hina said he didn't want anything, Shota said something about an elephant turtle???? I forgot what it was. I guess it's something difficult to have as a pet.

Anyway, guess what Maru said? ......yeah, he said "I want Yasu as my pet. I'm with him all the time these days. I love him. I kiss him a lot, on the cheek ...isn't that like a pet?" This interview went on after they filmed the Maru/Ohkura pet episode of Muchaburi. They also talked about how if they were pets, who would you want as your master, choosing from the seven. Most answered Shota and Yoko, since they're nice to animals. Maru said Hina, because he thinks Hina would be nicer to animals than to human, hahaha. 

Random Question!

Well I guess it's okay to just ask a question...I see people do it all the time....It is okay right? Sorry! Just delete this if it's not!
Anyway, I was just randomly wondering...How did Subaru start out in johnny's? I mean like, did someone send in his picture or something? How old was he?
I'm sure everyone already knows this and I'm just weird and don't, but I figured I'd ask.