May 18th, 2007

Ryo <3

[Auction] Ryo Uchiwa

Selling this auction style on my selling journal (lunasells). Here's the basic info.

⇒ Ryo Uchiwa
⇒ Selling this because I have two now. Both look the same, but I included the extra picture of the area around his mouth because neither seem to have been attached right (is that the right way to say it?) so it looks a little funky on both. Check the picture, that's the best I can do. Still in the original wrap, new.
⇒ $12 shipping anywhere in the US, includes insurance

Ryo Subaru

Thank yous and Gifts. ^^

Hi everyone. I'm somewhat new to this community. I've been lurking and leeching off people. I just wanted to say thank you everyone for all the uploads that you have done. I'm sorry for not leaving thank yous. It's rude of me. I'm sorry again. But I wanted to thank everyone that uploaded many things and the ones who have done translations. Thank you for spending your free time for the rest of us Kanjani8 fans.  

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