May 21st, 2007

Ryo Subaru

Heavenly Psycho

Hi everyone, I have a request to make. Does anyone have the mp3 of Heavenly Psycho with Uchi in it? I fell in love with this song. Even though I love Subaru's voice, Uchi's parts is best with Uchi singing them. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


The Prince and the Komodo Dragon 1/?

Title: The Prince and the Komodo Dragon 1/?
Sequel to:  Ueda and The Little Black Puppy 
Author: Kyoko_godaikun
Rating: PG
Genre: Strange/crack
Pairing: Ryo/Ohkura
Summary: Ryo is a Komodo dragon; he is alone in a zoo. He only has one visitor. But what will Ryo do when he finds that the one he’s fallen for has been paid to take care of him?


translation of part of Muchaburi (Guest: Crystal Kay)

I thought this is funny so I translated :]

I looove their expressions XD

*I'm very sorry for not doing the MC translation (12.25.06 in Nagoya) for so long;;; My friend, Lena and I are currently started to continue translating them. But still, it might take awhile...I am terribly sorry about this(T^T)
But I think this translation will be the BEST one of all the translation I have so please, wait patiently because I know this is worth it(^^)v*</center>