May 24th, 2007


Maru's drama & Domoto Tsuyoshi's show

Maru was saying he was "stuck in Tokyo" earlier this year. Well, it was for this!! 「輪違屋糸里 女達の新撰組」 (= "Wachigaiya Itosato~Onnatachi no Shinsengumi") haha, it's a Japanese history drama and he'll be Okita Souji. They will air two nights in a row on TBS in August. Still a long ways to go but just to give you a head's up! 

Also, K8 will be guest on Domoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi on June 6! I guess it'll be June 12th or so in Kansai? I'm not sure but sometime around then. I remember this show usually airs on the same day as either MuchaBuri or JaniBen... it might have been MuchaBuri (Tuesday) in Kansai. 

Utaban and now the Dots' show... I'm glad they're going on shows that they haven't been on before!!

 [P.S. The names have been edited to the correct ones!]

[SALE] Kanjani 8 Concert Tour Goods!


We have re-opened our Kanjani 8 Concert Tour Goods pre-order! This will be the last time we'll be doing Kanjani 8 Concert Goods for this tour, so please make sure you pre-order the items you want! ^^

Pre-order ends May 28th, and we will not be accepting any late orders since we are leaving for Japan on May 31st!



Requests for Subaru perf + Eito wallpapers

Hello! I don't really like requesting things, but it's something I cannot find by myself, so I can't do anything else but ask for your help...

In late 2006, Subaru was on Shonen Club and performed "Greedy" with Taichi on piano (it's the same episode where he sang "Mr.Traveling Man"). Does anybody have a video file for it? I am in love with that song (I have an audio rip from his shokura performance), and I really wish to see it, also because there are a few words in the lyrics I'm not sure of and the karaoke would help.

Then, another thing (sorry for being so cheeky ^^;;). Does anybody have some nice K8 wallpapers? All members or single members, it's ok as I love them all (but please avoid Uchi please please XD and my favourite as everyone knows by now is Shingo ♥) I use 1280x1024 but 1024x768 is ok too.

Thank you eighters ♥

Yoko : At last....We re on Utaban (^^)v

J-Web 関ジャニ 戦隊 ∞ レンジャー横山
At Last!

Hi everyone, I’m Yokoyama You who has stomach which doesn’t get full recently (^^)v

Everyone, at last Kanjani8

At last

We re on Utaban (^^)v

We’ve already finished recorded it.

It’s incredible thing

Everyone,please wait for it


Rock Scissor Paper


The person who shows paper will get a wish from Dragon Ball



Gomenasai minna san......bad english m(-_-)m
Waiting for someone to upload Utaban ^_^



I posted some caps and links for the drama "ikeike IKEMEN" (2000) acted by 3 baka in case someone here hasn't a chance to watch it.
I so far got 4 episodes only. If someone has the links for the rest of them, please kindly let me know!

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