May 29th, 2007

☆ 仁 { eating }

Kanjani8 - Fan made Singles Medley

... Just posting it here because a friend told me to. XD
First off; I'm not a professional mixer or anything like it, so don't expect something awesome.
Second; I used Goldwave. I was too lazy to install CoolEditPro and decided to use Goldwave instead - which... crashed on me a few times. But yeah.

So... please be nice? I haven't done anything like this since 2004 xD And it's not -that- good, kinda funny perhaps. Um. Funniest thing is that I easily can picture them doing it. XD All singles included; Naniwa, ORB, Sukiyanen, Obachan, Kanfuu and Zukkoke.

Download at Mediafire.

Can upload at other places if needed ^^;;
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Johnny's Entertainment Meetup at Otakon 07!

Okay so its a tiny bit early, only about two months, but there is going to be a Johnny's entertainment Meetup at Otakon 07! 

The meetup is scheduled for Saturday at about 11am. It's infront of the Pirate ship in the lobby with all of the couches (where the dealer's room entrance is). I'll be wearing my Yamapi Fever to Future cosplay, and there will be a group of Nobuta wo Produce cosplayers too. So it'll be easy to find. 

there is a thread over at if you are interested.