May 31st, 2007


Yoko :"Today I went to hairdressing salon with Ohkura"

J-Web 関ジャニ 戦隊 ∞ レンジャー横山 裕 2007.05.31

Hi everyone, I’m Yokoyama You who went to the gym recently.

Tomorrow, at last we gonna be in Domoto Tsuyoshi’s show.

Before, went to Tsuyoshi kun’s radio, begged him to let us come to his show.
Now, finally it’s come true.

Tomorrow, just can’t wait.

Ah, today I went to hairdressing salon with Ohkura.


Yokoyama You’s

Hairstyle !!

Better not say it

Everyone in Niigata* ,please wait for it  (*Niigata prefecture,Hokuriku area)


Rock Scissor


The Person who shows (^^)Y will get
チン from friend.