June 1st, 2007

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Tour Translations

Hello! It`s been a while since I have posted anything here, but I thought that I would share these with you guys.

I started translating the messages that K8 has been putting on JWeb for the tour. Also Subaru has been extra busy with his diary, so I started translating those as well.

Subaru`s Special JWeb Entries

Tour Venue Messages

I hope everyone enjoys them! Keep checking back because I`ll be updating as the tour goes on! :D


What? JE Pinoy Fangirls Meet-Up
When? June 16, 2007 (first day of the annual ToyCon)
Where? Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall
Objective? To meet up with fellow JE pinoys and spread the madness love here in the Philippines (...and find more people to fangirl with, though, that should already go without saying). There is no particular meet-up spot as we (the almighty organizers) would probably be just walking around with a big signboard that says 'JE HOMG LOLZ!' somewhere. Also, our little group is going on a costrip as SIGNAL!Taguchi, SIGNAL!Ueda and NobutaWoProduce!Kame so it shouldn't be too hard for you to spot us. Remember that what we're trying to achieve here is mass JE domination the gathering AND MAJOR FANGIRLING of JE fans across the country, so please, do not hesitate to approach us if you see us flailing about. We are friendly people, really. We don't bite.

Here is the official discussion thread for the meet-up.
We are encouraging all Pinoy JE fans to consider, discuss, and even offer suggestions!
Also, we will be answering your queries over at the discussion post, should you have any.

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We are hoping to see you there!

Much love and crack,
hwangak and purrfectworld

Shota's solo song analysis (from 5/31 Recomen)

I know I've posted the translations to Shota's solo song "Watashi Kagami" before, but I'll copy and paste it here once again in case you missed it... I would have to add changes once I get the album because this is not the "official" version of the lyrics I have this is the final "official" version of the lyrics, which actually had AN ADORABLE second verse as well!!!

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I just listened to the 5/31 Recomen where Yoko and Hina called Shota on the phone. Shota had just finished his work (past midnight!) and he had no clue what the two were up to, haha. Yoko had asked Hina about his lyrics to "Forward" earlier in the show, and now Yoko wanted to call Shota and ask him about his song "Watashi Kagami."

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