June 9th, 2007

Littlix Forums!

This is going to be THE place for Johnny's Entertainment discussion!
Introducing the new...
No, it's not just for Littlix discussion, or Littlix Subs discussion. It's for everything Johnny's (Yes, including a Kanjani8 section!!!)
You can talk about your favourite Johnny's Jr, or Johnny's members, fanboy/fangirl them all you want. Share videos, songs, photos, scans, stalkerpics! This is the place for all Johnny's fan to gather.
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    What? JE Pinoy Fangirls Meet-Up
    When? June 16, 2007 (first day of the annual ToyCon)
    Where? Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall
    Objective? To meet up with fellow JE pinoys and spread the madness love here in the Philippines (...and find more people to fangirl/boy with, though, that should already go without saying). Remember that what we're trying to achieve here is mass JE domination the gathering AND MAJOR FANGIRLING/FANBOYING of JE fans across the country, so please, do not hesitate to approach us if you see us flailing about. We are friendly people, really. We don't bite.
    NOTE: Please don't think that the meet-up is anything formal! You can just literally drop by, say hi and fangirl/boy. This is going to be a first for most of us too so there's no need to be shy. And it doesn't matter if you only know of one or few JE bands. You do not have to be a 'veteran' JE fan to come. In fact, one of the organizers (purrfectworld the dumbass) has only been in the fandom for less than a month, yet, she's shameless enough to encourage such meet-ups! SO PRZ DON'T BE DISCOURAGED!

    Here is the official discussion thread for the meet-up.
    We are encouraging all Pinoy JE fans to consider, discuss, and even offer suggestions!
    Also, we will be answering your queries over at the discussion post, should you have any.

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    We are hoping to see you there!

    Much love and crack,
    hwangak and purrfectworld