June 16th, 2007

☆ 仁 { eating }

[fanfic] Mr. Perfect

Title: Mr. Perfect
Author: ikujinashi & tsukimiso
Pairing: Ryouchi
Disclaimer: At profile <- Check it out, it's updated! xD
Genre: Um.. Real life(-ish.)
Rating: G
Notes: Not claiming to know Ryo's sister's name, made it up. Nor her personality. Tried to make it as realistic as possible. ^^v

The worst part was that he couldn't do anything about it.
i&#39;m a psych-ic

video request

i've come accross the shinjuku shounen tanteidan uploaded by za-riel a few weeks (or was it months?) ago.. and i wonder if anyon can reupload it for me since i haven't download and it already expires by now...
by the wayy is there any english subs for the movie as well?


[Translation] June 14 Recomen: Guest Kanjani8 PARTS 1-3

Since I was in super translation mode today (ran out of energy now, haha) I translated some good parts from the June 14 Recomen where Kanjani8 was guest. It is divided into three parts since it was really long. But it's color-coded and all, hahaha.

Check them out!

Part 1: http://paaaaan.livejournal.com/21365.html

Part 2: http://paaaaan.livejournal.com/21710.html

Part 3: http://paaaaan.livejournal.com/21944.html



MS 20070615

Some K8 parts in Music Station 20070615 that were not included in the file yamaperfection uploaded.
A little part at the beginning when K8 were interviewed (is it called Music Mini Station? Or Mini Music Station? I don't know...), Maru ♥ Baru, a new blonde couples...
Of course turning some small clip into .gif is a much better idea but someone was just too lazy. XD

I uploaded the files to Yousendit.
*requests someone to upload the files elsewhere* :D Thank you nana_komatsu7 for the MF reup!! :3

Oh and can anyone tell me where can I find the really really HQ version of K8 performance in MS yesterday? :D

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