June 17th, 2007

SPYAIR Beautiful Days

Summer Con!

Hi minna!! ^^/
I'm new here!!
Don't know if this kind of post is allowed...if not, feel free to delete it!!
I was wondering if someone of you guys will go to Kanjani's Nagoya concert on 30 or 31 July!
I'm not sure yet if I'll go or not...and most of all if I'll succeed in getting the ticket !!! ^^"
But just in case, I'd like to know if other gaijin fan will be there!!
Thank you all!!

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Hi ^__^ I have a question...few weeks ago I found this:

don't rememeber where...but btw... I wonder if somebody know something about this cd...it's vol.4 so maybe there are more cd's like this one...O__O...thx for help ^__^