June 23rd, 2007


request for sukaj

hi :]
im looking for the part that Hina, Ohkura and Ryo went to this ear massage...
i think the day on aired was around 5/23;;;
i dont really need the talk part, my friends just want to see that ear massage part XD
it will be much better if you guys have in link like youtube or veoh or etc.

thank you :]
Eito ♫ 911

45 Kanjani8 icons

Hello minna!
This is the first time I made (and share) JE related icons and I chose Kanjani8 to be my first victims. *haha*
I'm not the best icon maker but I hope yoz'll like it though. ^_^

~ comment if taking ♥
~ credit if using
~ constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome ♥

[01]Maruyama Ryûhei
[22]Ôkura Tadayoshi
[09]Nishikido Ryô
[04]Shibutani Subaru
[09]Yasuda Shôta
[01]Nishikido Ryô + Yasuda Shôta
(Sorry no Hina or Yoko)


The rest is here.

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