June 26th, 2007

SoSo Chan (credit)

Kanjani8 Kanfuu Fighting

Does anyone have the MP3 of KANFUU FIGHTING??? I really LOVE this song but for some reason I cant find it anywhere

I'm REALLY poor and I cant be buying their cds cause it's expensive and blah blah blah i be really happy if someone can hook me up with this

OH.....and there is this video of them from SHOUNEN CLUB ABAKE with SUBARU YOKO and YASSU where their blind folded does anyone have the episode and also the HONJANI episode where RYO and YASSU are REALLY close together and OHKURA is trying to get Yassu away from Ryo....I would love to have those too...If it's not TOO much trouble...KUDASAI

2007 First Half Single Hit Ranking, #5 Kanfuu, #12 ZOM!

I'm not really the one that care much about how many CDs were sold, how high it ranked, etc. but I thought I'd share this good news that Kanfuu Fighting was #5 and ZOM was #12 in this year's first half single hit rankings!

Kanfuu sold 339,734 copies (I don't know if this includes the ones sold in the latter half of December) and ZOM sold 231,328. Other Johnny's groups ranked #3 & #15 (Arashi), #7 (NewS), #9 & #20 (KAT-TUN), #13 (Kinki Kids), #22 (V6), #24 & #25 (Tegomasu) and #27 (Endlicheri) so I'd say #5 and #12 are very respectable numbers!! Yay boys!!
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::[OPV] Fate # 1 YamaP X Ryo::

[OPV] Fate #1 -- Yamashita  x Nishikido

I made this OPV  with my close friend and I want to share this OPV for everybody .
If you like or love this pair ,you should be to download.
Part # 1 like a intro,you can follow part # 2  & 3 (The End)coming soon haha.

If you want to download ,you can follow me to my Lj >>>  http://ryoojo.livejournal.com/2486.html

I hope you like this Opv ...Thank u.

関ジャニ∞ えっ!本当!?ビックリ!!@KYOTO

sunday,i went to kanjani's concert @ KYOTO 
Kyoto kaikan's very near my mansion^^ 10 minute by bus +_+

just wanna share you some photos
i can't write a loooooooooong report in english....><" sorry about that!!!!!
so...the only way i can do now is..."PHOTO"


(it's Thai language....sorry about that. but you can watch the photos,right??)

Tangled. &quot;Cast Iron&quot;

Zukkoke Daidasso

Since this album's Jacket A edition is out of print, I thought I'd try to get rid of my accidental second copy again here.

I am offering the second Kanjani8 album for sale at $35 USD, which is what I paid for it rounded up to the closest 5, says my credit card.

Brand new, unopened. You can feel free to bid for it in the comments. If there's more than one offer by tomorrow, highest bidder wins.

Payment by PayPal only, shipping depends on where you are in the world but shouldn't be more than like 10 dollars in the US.