June 28th, 2007

Ryo Subaru

(no subject)

I just wrote some thoughts of Uchi's return to Kanjani8.........possible return to Kanjani8. I was reading some talks of Uchi and some Kanjani8 fans didn't want him to return to the group. This got me thinking and resulted in me writing a little essay. Not really an essay but I don't know what else to call it. ^^;; I would like to hear other's opinions, if you guys want to voice them to me.


Urajani files

Actually </a></b></a>cattness has made a post on all Honjani, Urajani and Suka J before. But I reckon some of the Sendspace links are dead and my dear friend </a></b></a>dwichseventh is hated by MU (haha), so I made this post on Urajani for her (honestly, I cannot accept the fact that she has not watched Urajani! It's such a pity 'cos it's so interesting!).

Please visit here to download. This page is to be continued in updating. Just check it now and then if you can't find your missing files. Enjoy~